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Dynamics of Learning in Neanderthals and Modern Humans
Volume 1: Cultural Perspectives
Edited by
T.Akazawa,Y. Nishiaki,and K.Aoki
2013 Springer
Dynamics of Learning in Neanderthals and Modern Humans
Volume 2: Cognitive and Physical Perspectives
Edited by
T.Akazawa,N.Ogihara,H.C.Tanabe,and H.Terashima
2014 Springer
Learning Strategies and Cultural Evolution during the Plaeolithic.
Edited by
A. Mesoudi and K. Aoki
2015 Springer
Social Learning and Innovation in Contemporary Hunter-Gatherers: Evolutionary and Ethnographic Perspectives
Edited by
Terashima, Hideaki, Hewlett, Barry S. (Eds.)
2016 Springer

Research Project on Replacement of Neanderthals by Moderan Humans: Testing Evolutionary Models of Learning
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